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ecat electronic compliance action tool reports
electronic compliance action tool reports

Instant Reports

There is no need to settle for a list of scores – get reports that tell you the whole story. Instantly generate detailed and drillable, engaging and informative reports.
Automatically generated

No one will ever have to head back to the office to write an inspection report again! Your reports are instantly generated at the end of the inspection, ready to be reviewed and shared with your stakeholders.

Automated content

Your reports will be pre-populated with the information you need. You can include attached photos, assigned actions, time-stamps, geo-location and usernames – making your reports easier, faster and smarter.​

Real-time shareable insights

User permissions can include report viewer privileges, allowing the right people to review your reports and share them as needed.

Automatic sharing

Save time by automating your report sharing. Set up rules to automatically email the reports to the right team members, reviewers, managers and directors. They can then quickly review, approve/reject or take action on the findings.

Safe and secure easy access

No more tracking pieces of paper, no more lost reports and forms! Everything is securely stored online and can be easily searched and retrieved anytime from the mobile app or desktop.

Smart scoring

With the automated scorings, assess the overall outcome of the inspection and specific scores by section at a glance.

Historical trends and recurring issues

Quickly see repeating issues, past audit results and trends. Easily spot recurring problems and exceptions requiring attention.

Schedule summary reports

Receive reports direct to your inbox at your preferred frequency - daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly. See summary performance updates by location, repeat failures or status updates, compare scores across locations, teams, or review areas.

Other great features of ECAT

Real-Time Analytics

Gain unprecedented real-time insights into your operations with our live dashboards.

Conduct Easier, Faster, Smarter Reviews

Conduct streamlined inspections, checklists and audits anywhere, anytime.

Actions & Workflows

Efficient end-to-end inspections: scheduling, corrective actions, alerts and reminders.

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