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Workflow Management

electronic compliance action tool workflow management
electronic compliance action tool workflow manegement

Easier, Faster, Smarter Collaboration

Have easier, faster, smarter collaboration between your team members, from the field to the head office. Set up custom workflows to share reports, assign actions and send reminders.
Assign Corrective Actions

During each review assign corrective actions to specific team members, internally or externally. Never let a task slip through the cracks again.

Clear Accountability

The task owner is made aware of the issue, priority and due date providing clear accountability.

Enhanced Communication

The task owner can submit the details of the action taken, including text, photos and videos and close out the task.

Involve the Right People

Set up rules for report distribution, approvals, tasks and reminders, to involve the right people at the right time.

Configure Your Dashboard to Your Needs

Easily spot overdue tasks, instantly access reports, and view real-time data with ECATs live dashboard.

Automatic Notifications

Set the system to automatically send notification emails to approvers and task owners.

Advanced Rights & Permissions

Set up detailed roles and hierarchies in the system, to enable users to see and do just what they need.

Stay in Control

Schedule reviews, receive summaries and review progress on the live dashboard, to stay on top of everything.

Summary Emails

Receive daily & weekly summaries with to-do and overdue tasks.

Other great features of ECAT

Real-Time Analytics

Gain unprecedented real-time insights into your operations with our live dashboards.

Conduct Easier, Faster, Smarter Reviews

Conduct streamlined inspections, checklists and audits anywhere, anytime.

Instant Reports

Instantly generate and share visual and insightful reports with your stakeholders.

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