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Conduct Easier, Faster, Smarter Reviews

Conduct streamlined inspections, checklists and audits anywhere, anytime: no more paperwork or typing up reports at the office. ECATs electronic compliance action tool works online and offline, on desktops, mobiles and tablets.
Straightforward and intuitive interface

Make the reviews easy to complete for the end-users, with the least number of errors, constructed, so that little or and no training is required.

Single and Multiple Answer Types

Every question deserves a valuable answer. Edit your answer types in the questions to have open text, single or multiple choices depending on the question.

Attach, Comment, Sign

Add photos and videos, free text comments, sign-off and secondary sign-off, time & geolocation stamps, all direct from the device.

Easier, faster, smarter completion

Group related questions into sections, add text/image guidance for each question. Use automatic scoring and set default behaviours or make fields mandatory, to minimise user errors.

Plan and monitor

Use the live dashboard to manage your teams and get visibility on the progress and results of your inspections and reviews.

Schedule & assign

Use the task management function to schedule and assign tasks to the right team and individual and send automatic notifications.

Track & review

Easily track and review completed, in-progress or overdue tasks.

Getting started

Be up and running in no time! Use our template or better yet get us to do it for you. Simply email or upload your current checklist (any format, even image) and we will build it for you, at no cost and within a day or two! So that you can experience how ECAT will make your reviews, inspections, checklists and audits easier, faster and smarter.

Other great features of ECAT

Real-Time Analytics

Gain unprecedented real-time insights into your operations with our live dashboards.

Instant Reports

Instantly generate and share visual and insightful reports with your stakeholders.

Actions & Workflows

Efficient end-to-end inspections: scheduling, corrective actions, alerts and reminders.

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